Friday, December 18, 2009

School Program

So, I've always secretly mocked those "wimpy moms" who cry at dance recitals and whatnot. I never really understood. I've resisted admitting it, but I am one of those moms. Multiple times over. How do these kids grow up so quickly? Wahhh!

Yesterday was McKenzies preschool Christmas program. I wondered how she would do, because at other performances she's been a little shy, but she did great! She sang along and even did some of the gestures, too!

Smiling with Grandma Terri after the show

Last night before bed, McKenzie was snuggling with me, talking about our day. It was one of those peaceful, sweet moments that I love sharing with my kids. I told her how much I liked her program and how proud I am of her. She beamed with pride and quizzed me to make sure I paid attention during the show. Then:

Me: You are growing up WAY too fast!

McKenzie: I KNOW! Pretty soon I am going to be too big for you!

Me: Then what will happen?

McKenzie: I will leave. I will drive away in my car. My NEW car. My BIG NEW car! And you will boohoo!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Coming back to life

It's been almost six weeks since my leg was put through the grinder, and I'm finally starting to feel like a person again! The experience was a lot different (and harder) than I ever expected.

In surgery they drilled holes in my tibia (shin bone) and used a chisel to break the rest of the way through. Then they made a cut over my knee and pounded a 14 inch long, 1/2 inch wide titanium rod through the middle of the bone. They straightened my leg and put some screws in under my knee and above my ankle. The x-rays look like a case of metal shop gone wrong.

I had a block on my femoral nerve, but that didn't touch the pain. I'm usually quite a light weight with pain meds (I think I broke up and used 2 percocets for the entire time I recovered from child birth) so I was surprised at how much medicine I needed. Knowing how strongly the meds affect me, I asked to start with 1/2 a percocet, but soon needed needed more. I had taken as many as allowed and was still in agony, so I moved up to the oxy. Even then I was taking three every three hours and Tylenol in between. Much of the first two weeks after surgery is a blur.

After three days in the hospital I came home. My sister stayed here to help babysit me and the kids, and mom and dad were here a lot too. Even after they left "full time babysitting" I called my parents several times in tears. Each time they jumped right in the car and came to my rescue.

Cris has been a huge help. Working full time (and overtime) and keeping up the house hasn't been easy for him. But I love and appreciate him so much. We also had SO much help from other family members, friends and neighbors. Thank you everyone for the meals, the babysitting, being a taxi service and for your love. I don't know how we could have got through it alone!

I think I went into this a little starry eyed thinking that I'd have a broken shin, but could still manage around the house on my crutches just fine. But, it was a few weeks before I even moved up to the crutches! I started on a walker (insert geriatric joke here) and even then, leaving my place on the couch was painful enough I avoided it at all costs. McKenzie was a great help, bringing me diapers for Alli, or the phone, or whatever I needed. But, she also got tired of it too. One day I called for her and she told me, "McKenzie's not here right now! Leave a message!"

I've learned a few tricks along the way. Since I couldn't hold anything in my hands as I moved around with the walker I learned to shuffle a laundry basket in front of it to shuttle things around the house. Sometimes even Allison. (How else do you convince a 1 year old it's time for her nap when you can't pick her up and carry her?)

For the most part, I'm off the meds and am able to get around the house without the crutches. I just have a really nasty limp. I'm not quite able to drive yet, but am hoping to get there soon. It's a weird feeling being locked in your house and unable to escape! More than once I called people begging to take me for a quick ride anywhere. The park. Grandmas house. I didn't care! I just needed a change of scenery.

The bruises are nearly gone. At first my entire leg was a solid rainbow of black, purple and green. I thought the bruises may last for months, but luckily only shadows remain. And for the first time, when I lay on my back my toes point to the ceiling! It's been a weird feeling to get used to - before now my pinkie toe would lay flat on the bed!

So, I can see there is some improvement. And I know things are going to get even better. But, I think I'm going to fight like hell to avoid the surgery on the other two bones!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Grandpa Randy took us to the pumpkin patch in celebration of McKenzies actual birthday! Unfortunately it was a little cold and drizzling rain, so we had to hurry through, but we still had LOTS of fun! Pumpkins are one of McKenzies favorite things (fitting she's an October baby, right?)
Afterward, the Dew family met us at Applebees for some yummy dinner! Happy Birthday, Z!

McKenzies Birthday

McKenzie is now officially FOUR years old! It's such a fun age of excitement and magic! A few things about Miss McKenzie:

She is full of personality! There is no hiding if she is tired, or cranky, or excited! She is stubborn and can't be talked out of many things, but she's also sweet and compassionate too.

She loves to learn! School is one of her favorite things! She also loves to read and asks so many questions about how things work. Right now, she's trying to figure out driving, asking me why the cars drive between the lines and how they take turns at the intersections. It's amazing to see her little mind go (and how she picks up the little details!)

She is a ham! She loves attention and has a hard time sharing the spotlight! Even though she adores and protects her little sister (who idolizes her) she gets frustrated when Alli's the center of attention and does her best to upstage her.

She is currently in love with firemen thanks to a safety program at school. She knows how to stop, drop and roll, knows where to meet if there is a fire and will gladly demonstrate how to crawl below the smoke. Other potential careers: gymnastics - the girl cannot go an hour without flipping or somersaulting, chef - she loves to help in the kitchen and comes running when she hears the mixer turn on, photographer - she still loves taking pictures and 'scrapbooking', and artist - paint, markers, crayons, clay? She loves it all!
We love you, Z!

Birthday Party for Two

On Saturday we had a party for the girls' birthday. McKenzie put on her chef costume and made individual pizzas for everyone. I had put a sign up on the door saying "McKenzies' Pizzeria - Pizzas made the way I want them!" and that's exactly how it was! The pizzas ended up being 3" thick and didn't always have the toppings that were requested, but she had SO MUCH FUN making them!
For their cakes, I made two ice cream cake rolls - one vanilla and one cholocate. However, I didn't get any pictures of them blowing out the candles (daddy preferred video) so I'm issuing a plea to my wonderful mother-in-law and sister-in-law to share some of their shots with me! ;)
The girls were thoroughly spoiled by our wonderful family and it was a great evening!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Saturday was Allisons birthday. After I got home from work, we had dinner and some cupcakes McKenzie decorated for the big event! (She covered them in gum drops, but soon hated them after her first bite!) Alli got to open a few presents, but we are saving the rest for the girls party this weekend. (I'm such a mean mom, huh?) Anyway, here's a few pics of her big day!

Birthday girl wouldn't stand still for a photo!

She was hesitant about the cupcake at first...
But soon dug right in!
She kept touching it, saying "This! This?"

Happy Birthday, Allison!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy First Birthday, Allison!

Tomorrow my baby turns one! Already? It seems like the time has flown by in the blink of an eye, but yet I can't remember us not having her as part of our family. I thought I'd share a few things about her:

She LOVES to eat! Although her size may not reflect how much she takes in, our little girl is rarely seen without something in her mouth. She has refused baby food for months, but hasn't found a regular food she doesn't love. Her favorites are apples, ice cream, lasagna and celery.

She's very good on her feet! She's a great walker and chases her sister and I wherever we go.

She loves to hold her hand to her ear and pretend to talk on the phone. She'll say "Hi!" and "Daddy!" over and over again, all day long.

She loves to throw anything she can find into the bathtub, and say "Uh oh!" over and over again.

She loves the telephone and remotes, and we're constantly trying to hide them from her. She usually outsmarts us and we end up with a drool covered telephone.

She is a scavenger and thinks the world is her buffet. She'll run for the dirt as soon as we're outside and fill her mouth if I'm not quick enough. She loves when the garbage can is full enough she can reach inside for a "treat". She picks up bits of paper off of the floor for a snack. And yes, she has been found playing in the toilet - so the new catch phraze at our house is "Did you shut the lid?" I know it sounds like I don't watch her and my house is a mess, but this kid is good at her craft!

Her favorite things are two cheap pillows I bought at Ikea for a buck. She sleeps with them every night, carries them around the house, jumps on them and sits on them. It's adorable to watch her cuddle with them. They are threadbare and starting to fray, but I can't imagine throwing them out.

When we say "Alli Cat!" she can't resist smiling and comes running to us. Her one dimple shows with a smile, and her super kissable cheeks beg for some lovin'!
We love you, Allison! Have a happy birthday!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

School Pictures

McKenzie brought home her school pictures yesterday. Not just any school pictures - her very first school pictures! They shouldn't have been a surprise because I'd filled out the order form and written out the check a few weeks ago. But, when I opened that envelope I got a little misty eyed! The pictures were a reminder of how big she's getting! She's in school now, has friends and functions very well without me - something she likes to remind me of everyday when she begs me not to walk her to her classroom. She can do it by herself, thank you very much!

The photograph may not have captured her best smile, or highlighted the twinkle in her eye. In fact, her hair is a little messy from playing on the playground and the photo is a little off center. But I LOVE this picture. For some reason it seems like an all important milestone. Or maybe a glimpse of whats to come. Here's to 14 more years of her school pictures to make me cry!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One day to justifiable crankiness!

Last call! Anyone else want to self torture?

So far there are five people giving up soda:
Kristy Langford Deans
Malory Madsen Moore
My mom
My hubby
and I

We're still open to more opponents, so sign up! We officially start tomorrow through the end of the year! Wish us luck!